I have recently played this old 8-bit awesome game. I'm not finished yet but it is a very good game. Stunning in fact. These are some of the screen shots. 
I give this a 10 out of 10 game. Unfortunately there is no english version of this, but yes! There is a patch. But this game is only playable on a gameboy. But as there is emulators for PC's and mac's there is a way to play this game. 

Download Gameboy Advance 
For Windows

For Mac

Download the game

Download the patch

So how to install and play.
Right clock on the file and press extract all...do so for all three files.
And then after that you have to go the path folder, and it should be MOTHER3_EarthBound2_English_v1.1 yep and load mother3_windows or simply the one with the icon. 
Patch the game, browse for the game in the folder Mother 3, and in the folder there should be the game. You should receive this message once it has finished patching. 
Once you have finished open up, Visual Boy Advance...and you can also resize the program. Then you press file - open - mother 3.gba and it should load. Happy gaming.
This too Naruto based? Yea it is......-_-